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Welcome to Steel Sentry RPG!

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Welcome to Steel Sentry RPG!

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:32 pm

Welcome to Steel Sentry RPG!  This RPG is highly inspired by mecha anime with a PvP/PvE focus on it.  You will find yourself engrossed with creating your mecha and creating stories revolving around your mechanized creation called "Sentries".  These Sentries will be the back-bone of the jobs that you do while you can carry on storylines as your character (the pilot of the Sentry).  

If you have any questions in regards to this game, please check the rules or speak to one of our friendly staff members for help.  

For new members, here are some helpful links for you to follow:

- Introduction :  Here, you can introduce yourself as the player
- Faction Information : This site has a few factions you can join as your pilot.  Please check the factions to ensure availability and to see which faction plays best to what you want for your character.
- Pilot Creation : This is where you create your pilot; the character you will be RPing as.
- Mech Creation : Following specific rules and guidelines, you'll be able to create your very own mech with modular parts you can switch out.
- Wanted Ads : Now that you created your pilot and mech, you can go here to find people to interact with through either Roleplaying or picking up jobs with.
- Job Listing : You can pick up jobs here in order to rank up.  Feel free to look through the job listing to see what jobs you can/want to pick up.
- Ether Drive Creation : Each Sentry is capable of utilizing the Ether Drive; a type of magic that normal people can't use without assistance of the Sentry.  

Now that you have the basics done, enjoy your stay and invite a friend if you like this site


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