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The Ancient Soldiers: Harbingers

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The Ancient Soldiers: Harbingers

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:55 pm

The Harbinger is the classification for ancient mechanical humanoids found on earth.  Many stories were spoken and tapestries were woven depicting these metal giants throughout history.  The first recorded depiction of a Harbinger was in a stone relief found in India depicting a Harbinger descending from the heavens with fire raining from above.  Stories of these Harbingers generally tell of coming destruction, hence the name given to these monstrosities by humanity.  Even if the Harbingers had been sighted on Earth over 12,000 years ago, many believe they had frequented the planet many times throughout history long before that.

Demons and Angels
Historians believe that the tales of Demons and Angels were thought to have been benign and malevolent Harbingers throughout history.  Prior to modern science, humanity needed a way to explain how the world worked, so humanity looked to the Harbingers as supernatural creatures sent to either punish or assist humanity.  The duality of good and evil gave rise to humanity's belief in angels and demons.  Some even worshiped or feared these giants as gods, themselves.
The Kahluhniri

An extremely ancient race of humanoid creatures, known for their pointed ears and lithe figures, the Kahluhniri were discovered to have been the pilots of what the humans grew to know as the Harbingers.  The humans gave them the nickname "elves" for their similar appearance to elves in high fantasy.

The original intention of the Kahluhniri was to examine the planet for possible resources and possible colonization. However, the discovery of the local humanoid species known as Humans were unexpected.  The Kahluhniri were divided on whether to take the resources from the local Humans or to seek out another planet with lush resources devoid of intelligent life.  These two ideologies sparked into a bloody conflict known as the [Kahluhniri Conflict].

The Advent of the Sentries
The Kahluhniri Conflict became a thing of legends and the Kahluhniri, themselves, became myths that most people would dismiss as fantasy.  However, upon the discovery of a Harbinger known as "Tyranus", humanity began to reverse engineer the metal giant.  While the composition of the Harbingers were a complete mystery, the main thing that caught their attention were the Cores.  
The Cores of each Harbinger was the heart and soul of each mecha unit.  It was discovered that the Core had remained in tact for what was estimated for 7,000 years.  Experimentation has shown that the core had the capacity to allow people to use magic.  It was only through using the Harbinger's Core that a human or anyone else was capable of using magic.

Finding this information intriguing, the United Alliance sought to weaponize magic for military use.  Through multiple tests, a core was recreated, but due to it's massive size, it wouldn't be suitable for use in the field by a normal soldier.  However, with a quantum leap in technology due to reverse engineering "Tyranus" smaller creations were made known as Sentries.

No other Harbinger has been seen since.


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