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Changing Characters / Second Character

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Changing Characters / Second Character

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:51 pm

We get it. Sometimes playing a single character so long is absolutely boring and you would like a change-of-pace when it comes to playing your character. So here are the rules dictating that!

Changing Characters
When it comes to pass that you wish to change characters, you are allowed to do so. However, your new character will start over fresh with the starting everything (EXP, Stellar Credits [SC for short], skills, Sentry(s) and Ether Drives).
However, your old character (if they are alive) will have all of their EXP, SC, skills, Sentry(s), and Ether Drives placed in the player's profile for easy-access for later recollection. These character will be placed in the "Retirement Home" forum for later viewing/retrieval.

Dead Characters
If your character dies in a job, in PvP combat, or you decide to kill off your character, all of your character's possessions are able to be seized by your faction or the one who killed you for re-purposing. Unlike when you change a living character, you cannot recall a dead character as dead characters are dead. Once you die, you cannot rebirth into a new character with your old Sentry, you'll have to start fresh.

How to Die
There are a couple ways you can die in Steel Sentry.
1) Suicide - If your character decides to take their own life
2) You permit their death - If the job you take on is too hard, thus resulting in the death of your character or if during a PvP fight, you opt to let your opponent kill you.
*Note: Another player cannot force you to die on this site, so all deaths are up to you and all deaths are final.

Second Character
Everyone is allowed a second character on this site. However, there are a few rules that must be upheld.
1) You cannot RP with your "alt" character unless it's a site-wide event.
2) You cannot go on jobs with your "alt"
3) You cannot be in a modded fight with your "alt".
4) You and your "alt" cannot be in the same faction.
You are only allowed 1 additional character and they follow the same rules with death and changing characters.
You can create your "alt" at any time as long as you mention your main's account name.


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