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Battle FAQ

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:16 am

Time for sending actions
A player has 72 hours from the time the BM requests information (initial round) or when the BM posts up the mod to not only RP, but roll initiative and submit their actions.  There will be no room for forgiveness, even if you post 1 minute too late.

    Requesting an Extension -- Throughout the entirety of the battle, you are given up to 5 days to use as an extension.  You can use these 5 days any way you like (5 requests of 1 day each or up to 1 request for 5 more days).  Once you exceeded 5 days, you get no more extensions.  However, your day will only be counted if you went over the 3 day period.  So if you requested a 2 day extension and posted within the 72 hours given, the 2 day extension doesn't get used.IMPORTANT:  These extensions apply PER PERSON and doesn't count for everyone else, just the person who requested the extension.  To request this extension, make a post in your battle thread requesting X number of days extension.
    Not posting in the time limit -- If it comes to pass that you didn't post within the time allotted, you forfeit your actions for that round.  Your character does nothing but dodge.  They will use up any spell's/effect's duration and any mana/energy upkeep will be used.
    Getting Banned during a fight -- If you get banned during a fight, the fight will continue on without you.  You will still be a legal combatant and will be treated as if not posting in the time limit.  While banned, you cannot request any extensions.  Once you have returned from your ban, you will be returned to the fight as if you've never left.
    Quitting during a fight -- If you quit during a fight, it is just like what happens when you get banned.

I forgot to roll initiative
Derp... Then roll it before time runs out.

I forgot to post an RP and the time ran out
Looks like you're going to be sitting around, doing nothing this round.

My BM isn't anywhere to be seen.  What do?
If your BM hasn't been on the forum in a while (6 days) and they haven't posted anywhere, you may request a new BM.  Request a new BM the same way you requested your original BM.  However, state that your BM hasn't posted on the forum in 6 days.  You MAY have to submit your actions again for the new BM to take over -- using the same initiative for that round.  This battle system was made simple so it isn't a burden for BMs to mod, so taking 6 days to mod your battle is consider inexcusable.  

How many battles can I be in at once?
You may only be in 1 battle at a time.  The first battle to get the BM called on will begin first.  Any other battles that happen afterward will be placed on hold.  Yes, this can be a burden.  However, to prevent this from happening, if everyone else agrees to it, your character will not be considered a combatant in the second battle you were in.  Yes, I said it, if EVERYONE ELSE agrees.  If they agree, their battle will continue on without you.  To join the battle, you'll have to enter in like anyone else joining a battle (except you don't need to be signaled in as you were kinda there IC).  

Battle Damage -- Does it carry over?
Nope.  Between each battle, it is assumed that your unit was repaired.  

Weapon/Shield/Magic Changes during a BM Call
Good thing this was asked.  If you are in the middle of changing your weapon/shield/magic/etc and a BM is called -- Guess they caught you with your pants down.  You will only be able to use the weapon/shield/magic/etc that had been accepted.  In other words, you aren't allowed to use magic that's being worked on.  What you have approved by the time you submit your information are the things you are allowed to use.

Can I do an RP battle instead of a modded battle?
You most certainly can!  There's nothing stopping you from performing an RP battle if you so choose to.

My Sentry was Destroyed -- Do I lose it forever?
Nope.  You keep it forever and ever.  It is assumed that your mobile suit is a mass-produced model (just for you, of course) so you don't have to worry about replacement costs.  That's too difficult to maintain on a site like this without any kind of automation.

Can I just surrender from a battle?
Yup.  But it doesn't mean your opponents have to acknowledge it.  Like in war, it is completely up to the victor whether or not to accept the surrender or not.  Just hope you have a merciful person you are fighting.


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