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Quitting vs Inactivity vs Going Away

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Quitting vs Inactivity vs Going Away

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:05 pm

So I figure I might as well explain, here, what happens between Quitting, Inactivity, and Going Away (which is a temporary absence).

Whether this is a heartfelt farewell or a rage quit, a player that is quitting is generally quitting for good. If you decide to quit the game the following will happen:
1) You will lose any special IC positions you held.
2) All of your items will go to your faction
3) All of your EXP, Credits, etc will be reset to Zero
4) Your account will then be terminated.
Yup, your account will be terminated once you have decided to quit the site. So please choose wisely before deciding to up and quit the site permanently.

This goes without saying, but if you don't post anywhere, you are considered inactive. How long is it counted? If you go 1 month without any IC (I can't stress this enough) IC post, your character will be deemed inactive.
The following happens when you are marked inactive:
1) You will lose any special IC positions you held.
2) You keep all of your items, EXP, Credits, etc.
3) Your Profile and Training Thread will be placed in the Inactive Section.
Once you return, you'll pick up where you left off. Simple as that.

Going Away
Or better known as temporary hiatus. This means you're gonna be gone for a little while but you'll be back (with the intention of coming back). Nothing happens to your stuff. However, if you are away for longer than 3 months (without IC posting) you will be given the treatment of being inactive.

How do I re-activate?
There will be a thread in Misc Request for Re-activation. Just post a reply in the Re-Activation thread and a member of staff will retrieve your information and return them to where they belong.


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