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How to Report a Problem with a Mod

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How to Report a Problem with a Mod

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:46 pm

BMs (or Battle Moderators) are human beings too, so there may be times when a BM has made a mistake.  If there is a problem you think is in the mod, please ask your current BM to review the round.  Please do this before the next round goes up.  

If the BM finds nothing, no changes will be made.  However, if the BM overlooks their work and sees there is an issue, the BM will fix it and make a notification of the fix.  

If the BM finds nothing and you aren't happy with the results, please consult the Head BM (or an admin) for a follow-up review.  The Head BM or an admin with BM knowledge will review the round to see if everything was done properly.  If everything is done properly, the round will stay as is.  However, if the round wasn't performed properly, the Head BM or the Admin will request the BM doing your battle to correct the error.

NOTE:  You can also do this if you suspect the mod is cheating.  However, with the system in place, there isn't any room for cheating. But if it is discovered that the BM is cheating, you best bet they will be dealt with.


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