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The New Soldier: The Steel Sentry

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The New Soldier: The Steel Sentry

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:16 pm

Steel Sentries were a Human creation from an excavated Harbinger "Tyranus".  Scientists had reverse-engineered the Harbinger discovering the core that allowed Humans and the other races to be able to perform magic.  Seeing combat capabilities of magic, the United Alliance sought to weaponize the cores into magical weapons.  However, due to multiple tests of smaller handheld models being failures, the engineers were forced to create the cores to be massive in comparison to a normal person.  Due to the massive size of the cores, a large mech was created to support the cores.  These mecha were called Steel Sentry; the newest weapon of war.

Magical Cores:  The Ether Drive System
The Ether Drive System (or the EDS for short) was developed upon finding a mysterious core from the inside of the Harbinger "Tyranus".  The Core was a strange mechanical and electrical system that appeared for too complex for the current technology.  This Core was analyzed and developed at the [South Frampton Research Institute] within the United Alliance.  

These cores were originally designed to be hand-held devices that soldiers were capable of carrying that could be used to amplify magical energy within a person.  However, due to the complexity of the Core, the size had to be much bigger than a normal human could carry.  The size of the core is a 10 feet in diameter, also requiring a massive amount of energy to operate. It is due to this, that the South Frampton Research Institute decided to recreate the Harbingers into their newer, much more compact form; the Steel Sentry.

The EDS is mounted inside of a Sentry as a medium in order for people to use magic.  The EDS is absolutely needed in order to cast magic as people aren't normally capable of using magic without the use of a Harbinger Core or an artificially created EDS.  

Dominance in War
With the original creation of Steel Sentries, the United Alliance gained a major foot-hold over the world with the terrifying power of the Steel Sentry.  The Steel Sentry tore through conventional weapons such as tanks and fighter jets with almost no effort.  They were capable of land and sea travel and due to their capability of utilizing the EDS, nobody stood a chance against the new weapons of mass destruction.  The Steel Sentry were also carriers of nuclear weapons and became the instruments of death used by the United Alliance to take over the world.  


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